Bala Roja

michelin Star Restaurant

Bala Roja is a kind of modern gourmet and artistry restaurant. Its name recalls the iron balls of the cannons that were heated in a coal furnace and fired from the nearby Baluard del Príncep. The restaurant is part of the history of the city of Palma. It is located at the back of the Es Princep hotel, on top of the 16th century tanners’ pikes that have been restored to create a unique atmosphere. It creates a very special feeling of being part of history while enjoying a menu based on local products from which all their essence is extracted using culinary techniques from different corners of the world.

The chefs Andreu Genestra and Felipe Moreno have been working together for years with a main idea to work with the best local seasonal produce. This obsession has led them to have their own gardens to guarantee the best quality product at every moment of the year. So we can enjoy there the local flavors of the island with traditional recipes seasoned with a contemporary twist.


 The restaurant is really well known as a superior quality restaurant. Innovative culinary creations elevate local cuisine to another level, while the intimate atmosphere, friendly service, and mallorcan style décor enhance the experience.

Its mark is traditional Spanish cuisine, well updated and based on local products. The Michelin plate is achieved because of its quality cuisine and good comfort.

Credits image Es Princep

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