Private Chefs & Catering in Mallorca

Executive Private Chefs

Looking for a private executive chef service in Mallorca?

We offer you the possibility of hiring a private chef service, a very interesting option when you do not have the possibility, energy and time to cook for yourself and your family or you just want to enjoy your holiday without any food worries.

Do not waste your time and request your private executive chef!

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private chef villa mallorca catering

Event & Wedding Catering​

Looking for an event & wedding catering in Mallorca?

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life! It cannot be a disaster. 

We have qualified personnel who will make sure that everything goes perfectly. Our extensive experience allows us to offer a quality catering service in Mallorca, taking care of all the details that comprise your event.

You will never forget your wedding day with our catering!

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Corporate Catering

Looking for a corporate catering in Mallorca?

We offer you a wide catering service for companies, presentations, inaugurations, work meetings, or a short break for a coffee brake. Everything you need for a company catering in Mallorca.

Our team is made up of hospitality professionals who will help you choose the most appropriate menu for each situation. 

We are ready to prepare a corporate catering for you!

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International & Healthy Breakfast​

Looking for an international & healthy breakfast in Mallorca?

The main task of breakfast is, after the overnight fast, to provide the body with the necessary fuel to carry out all the activities.

We offer you the best breakfasts with a wide range of products of the best quality. Among them, you can enjoy various types of coffees, teas, natural smoothies, fresh fruits, charcuterie, different types of omelettes and eggs, national and imported cheeses, canned fish, raw vegetables, jams, cereals and dehydrated fruits.

Get a strong and healthy start to the day!

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Birthday Parties

Would you like to organise a birthday party party in Mallorca?

Birthday is your day. The day when you have to shine!

We want to offer you the best of celebrations, for this we will make your birthday party special and unforgettable for both you and your guests. Or we surprise that special person with a magical and different event.

Celebrate your birthday party with full of fun and organisation!

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BBQ Catering & Buffet

Looking for a BBQ Catering & Buffet in Mallorca?

We agree that barbecues can be a lot of fun, especially if you are not the person who works as a slave over the embers. 

We have a variety of delicious meat, fish, and vegetarian suggestions, so you can design your own barbecue party menu. We offer American barbecues, top quality ribs, creole sausages, etc.

All you have to do is relax during your BBQ event.

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Enjoy a Paella Party

Looking for a delicious Paella Experience?

Paella is a Spanish rice dish cooked on open fire, originally from Valencia. In Mallorca definitely the heart of tourists is stolen by the seafood one. Paella de marisco (seafood paella) replaces meat with seafood and omits beans and green vegetables.

We put all our effort to make the one you will love.

Let is try that delicious Spanish star dish!

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