DINS Santi Taura

michelin Star Restaurant

The restaurant  is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Cathedral, on the ground floor of a boutique hotel that surprises with the wonderful panoramic terrace on its roof, where they usually invite people to go up to enjoy the views and take a glass of cava before lunch or dinner. Already in the elegant dining room, with a contemporary atmosphere, we can discover the maturity of chef Santi Taura, a man passionate about traditional mallorcan cuisine. The chef displays technique and enthusiasm to bring those traditional island recipes to modernity. The base is the best local product and the premise of safeguarding flavors. In the offer we can find two interesting tasting menus – Es Raiguer and Sa Calatrava, which we can taste at the bar, in front of the kitchen, or at the tables.

From his kitchen, located a few meters from the cathedral of Mallorca, chef Santi Taura proposes a gastronomic experience based on the culinary tradition of the islands of Baleares. Its dishes are made with local and seasonal ingredients and can be enjoyed both at the bar and at the table. He has just been recognized with a Michelin star.

DINS Santi Taura has won the Michelin star thanks to a cuisine of great delicacy, good comfort and its specialties like: Trempó with tuna, baked black pork suckling pig and the opportunity for a walk along the beach.

Credits image DINS Santi Taura

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