Beauty & Wellness Services in Mallorca

Yoga & Meditation

You feel stressed out and looking for yoga & meditation during your stay in Mallorca? 

Enjoy your own personal yoga retreat with a qualified and experienced yoga instructor. Get more out of the day with your yoga session for you and your friends at sunrise or sunset in the comfort of your home, villa or yacht.

Do yoga and live better. Reinvigorate your body and soul.

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Personal Trainer

You want to improve your physical form and feel more healthy and strong during your stay in Mallorca?

Our qualified instructors will get you losing weight, kicking goals and in swimsuit shape. Whether strength training on the boat, sand sprinting on the beach, or a pilates session at the villa and a hike amongst stunning scenery, our personal trainers make fitness fun.

Put you in form right now!

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Hairdresser & Make-up

Looking for hairstyle & make-up stylist during your stay in Mallorca?

Everyday is the perfect day to take care of you! 

We offer you the best services in hairdressing, makeover, cutting, picking, special hairstyles, straightening, keratin treatments, hairstyles, extensions, etc. Make-up service is also available.

Take care of you with our beauty services!

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Massage Therapist

Looking for a massage therapist during your stay in Mallorca?

Relaxing massage if you feel stressed, nervous, fatigued, or your body is stressed and contracted, this massage will allow you to regain your well-being. You will feel lighter and more rested as you free yourself from the stress of your daily life. It will also help you to improve the quality of your sleep.

Relax your body and mind!

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Looking for a reflexology session during your stay in Mallorca?

We offer you our best experts on the treatment. They will do their best to relieve the pain and relax you. You will feel absolutely regenerated after that. 

Enjoy your relaxing reflexology session and start to feel better!

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