Maca de Castro

michelin Star Restaurant

Maca de Castro is located in the municipality of Alcúdia. The design of the premises housed in a historic building from the late 19th century is very welcoming and the gastronomic proposal – “Maca’s cuisine always adapted to the circumstances,” adds the chef – does not neglect any detail.

Heartfelt cooking for the spirit, Maca de Castro’s cooking is like a vintage distillery that dispenses its passion for Mallorcan food drop by drop. Maca de Castro, born in Mallorca, descended from a family with close ties to the world of gastronomy, she very quickly developed an affinity with local ingredients. She was trained in the school of hostelry and then began her search for excellence, which led her around the world and to collaborate with top-ranking chefs. Her foundations are her family, her team is her support, Mallorca is her commitment and the landscapes of the Mediterranean provide her with unlimited inspiration.

Her cuisine connects research, development and tradition that catalog the culinary wealth of Mallorca from its literature, its fishing, farming, markets, history and gastronomic roots. And this process of studying, comparing and researching the traditional cookery of Mallorca has given the restaurant Maca de Castro its own style: Free Mallorcan Cooking.

Maca de Castro is the chef and owner of the homonymous restaurant. The majorcan cook has achieved fame thanks to the balearic essence in her dishes with a great role in the sea and the orchard. In 2012 Maca de Castro became the first woman on the island who has received a Michelin star.

Credits image Maca de Castro

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