Helicopter Transfers & Tours

Looking for a transfer or tour by helicopter in Mallorca?

Get an unbeatable aerial view of Mallorca while experiencing the thrill of a helicopter ride. The most practical, fast and fun means of transport. We have a helicopter rental service. Discover what it is to live a different experience from 30 to 60 minutes flight around the island or inter-island transfers.

We offer you all the services you want. Chartering a helicopter in Mallorca is the most efficient way to get you from the airport to your villa or business meeting allowing you to arrive in comfort and privacy. Whether you need a transfer or just a helicopter tour we offer a complete privacy and a tailor-made flight solution whatever your requirements.

We provide helicopter tours as well. From a unique vantage point, admire the scenic highlights of the island, including the capital and most beautiful coastlines, all from high above the ground, highlighting the amazing islands offshore.

Experience your helicopter tour and enjoy the views of Mallorca ! 

Helicopter Transfers & Private Charter in the Balearic islands

We provide a fast, efficient helicopter transfer service across Mallorca whether you need to organise a private pick up, transport your team to a business meeting or attend a premier event, our experienced team are on hand to ensure we deliver you and your guests comfortably and safely anywhere in the Balearic islands.

We offer the following helicopter transfer & tour services :

  • Helicopter transfers in Mallorca
  • Modern Robinson & Eurocopter helicopters
  • Mallorca to Ibiza Helicopter Transfers
  • Mallorca to Menorca Helicopter Transfers
transfer helicopter mallorca
tour helico mallorca

Helicopters Tours around the island

We offer breathtaking aerial views of the island, available in 30, 45, and 60-minute flights. Each tour, led by expert pilots, showcases Mallorca’s stunning landscapes, from rugged coasts to lush interiors.

These tailored flights provide a unique perspective on the island’s beauty, perfect for an unforgettable experience during any holiday.

Helicopter Dining Experiences

We combine the thrill of helicopter flight with fine dining. Fly over breathtaking landscapes before landing at a premier restaurant for an exquisite meal.

This unique adventure offers a memorable twist to dining, perfect for special moments. Expert pilots ensure a safe, scenic journey to a culinary delight.

dining helicopter experience
helicopter wine tour mallorca

Helicopter Winery Experiences

We offer an exclusive journey through the skies to explore some of the island’s finest vineyards. Departing from a scenic helicopter tour that reveals Mallorca’s stunning landscapes, guests will land at a prestigious winery.

There, they’ll enjoy guided tours, learn about wine-making processes, and taste exquisite wines.

Perfect for wine enthusiasts or anyone seeking a unique outing, it’s a sophisticated way to experience Mallorca’s rich viticultural heritage.

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