Personal trainer

put you in form

Enjoy your personal training at your villa or on your yacht in Mallorca!

You want to improve your physical form and feel more healthy and strong in Mallorca? We manage a roster of experts across wellness categories like personal training. Our experts are nationally accredited in their field, elite athletes, and most have earned higher education degrees. Our personal trainers will motivate you to do your best.

Get outdoors, make every movement count and improve fitness faster with instruction from an expert personal trainer experienced in coaching athletes to achieve their best.

Our qualified instructors will get you losing weight, kicking goals and in swimsuit shape. Whether strength training on the boat, sand sprinting on the beach, or a pilates session at the villa and a hike amongst stunning scenery, our personal trainers make fitness fun.

Put you in form right now!

We can offer :

  • Certified Personal Trainers
  • Funcional Trainings
  • Group classes
  • Crossfit sessions
  • Dance classes