Reinvigorate body and soul

Enjoy your Yoga teacher at your villa or on your yacht in Mallorca

You feel stressed out? Enjoy your own personal yoga retreat with a qualified and experienced yoga instructor. Get more out of the day with your yoga session for you and your friends at sunrise or sunset in the comfort of your home, villa or yacht.

Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, complexion, religion, fitness, etc. It is a very ancient practice originating in India where you unite your body, your mind and your spirit. Yoga literally means to unite. This union of body-mind-spirit will make us know each other better and have better control over our actions and emotions.

Yoga is more than “fitness”, it is an opportunity to get to know yourself, to breathe consciously to connect with your inner self and thus remove fears that we carry stored in our being. It is therapeutic and healing and adapts to anyone. They can be practiced from a child to an elderly person. It is a practice that optimizes you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Do yoga and live better. Free your soul and take it easy!

We can offer :

  • Personal Certified Yoga Teachers
  • Meditation sessions
  • Group Yoga classes
  • Exclusive Yoga retreats