michelin Star Restaurant

The VORO restaurant is located in the Park Hayaatt Mallorca hotel in Canyamel. According to its chef Álvaro Sálazar, VORO is ¨a journey, an attitude, a universe that crosses borders and horizons while still looking towards the Mediterranean¨. VORO is naturalness, provocation and sophistication. A free kitchen, with soul and without ties. The cuisine is really innovative, but without abandoning tradition. A tasty and irreproachable gastronomic proposal that does not forget origins or geographies and that, as its etymology expresses well, invites you to devour and consume its succulent menus (Voro and Devoro) in a voracious way. A concept closely related to the philosophy of Álvaro Salazar, which emphasizes taste and the desire to taste and experiment beyond each bite. It is a short, direct and easy to remember name.

VORO, Cap Vermell Estate’s new Michelin star restaurant, offers a daring, exciting, sweet and intense gastronomic proposal designed by chef Álvaro Salazar based on two tasting menus (Voro, 11 services and Devoro, 15 services) that will evolve in a constant and a wine list with 300 national and international references. The chef calls his kitchen risky and modern young free kitchen. This establishment was awarded the Michelin star only half a year after opening.

Credits image VORO

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