Stagier Bar

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In the neighborhood of Santa Catalina, a fashionable area of ​​the capital of Mallorca there is a small bar called Stagier. The name refers to the interns who work in restaurants doing learning stays and curriculum training. Its  young chef Joel Baeza has worked already in a long list of establishments and now he leads the one among which is the best of spanish gastronomy. The abundance of references and Joel’s youth initially cast doubt on the time he was able to dedicate to each one. However, doubts dissipate as soon as his cooking is tasted. And it is that the cuisine of the chilean of origin and spanish of adoption, is frankly interesting, he would say even one of the most interesting in Mallorca right now.

In a small, modest place, with a very friendly service directed by his wife Andrea, Joel practices a cuisine that we would classify as fusion. However, the dishes, in the format of tapas or full plates, successfully combine risky flavors – pungent, acid, bitter that make us enjoy a lot and that denote great technique and taste on the part of the cook.

The cuisine of Stagier Bar is inspired by that learning done in the best gastronomic houses in Spain and outside of Spain. They are inspired by their roots, they mix latin and mediterranean flavors. They say that they are not a gastronomic restaurant, but a restaurant with a tasty, simple and elegant cuisine.

Stagier Bar is a modern gastrobar with a young atmosphere that bets on haute cuisine in a mini format, with avantgarde tapas that combine technique and flavor. There are tapas tribute to great houses! The Michelin plate was won for its quality cuisine and simple comfort.

Credits image Stagier Bar

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