Hammam Al Andalus

Arab baths

If you wish to relax on your holidays, make sure you visit Hammam Al Andalus Baños Arabes in the heart of the city Palma de Mallorca which will leave you new and recharged. The place is definitely worth a visit, also a perfect method to get away from the heat of summer. Hammam helps you to reduce stress, firming of the skin, provides essential minerals and vitamins, allows deep relaxation, activates blood circulation and offers many other benefits. 

From the need to stop and reset the lost link with ourselves through nature, our settings and their rituals take on meaning. Rituals which provide the state of calm and serenity necessary to connect with the inner you and gain greater knowledge of who you are. Pleasure and relaxation that, after caring for your body and awakening your senses, are the doors to inner healing.

The centre has a warm thermal bath of 34ºC, a steam room of 45ºC and a traditional room to cool off with bowls of water. You will also have access to a rest area where you will be served tea. To finish completing the experience you will receive a relaxing massage with oil of your choice. You will enjoy all the essence of the aromas of Al Ándalus.

Hammam al Andalus offers a variety of services to suit your most desired needs.

Inspired by the cycle of nature, the Hammam changes with each season so that we can experience it in a different way on every visit .

¨Nature is a path which helps you to discover that what you were seeking on your journey was already within you.¨

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