Childcare & Nanny Service

Looking for a nanny during your stay in Mallorca?

Caring for your family is the most important thing. Your children needs specific care and attention. We provide the necessary training and tools to care for them.

We will adapt to their needs, with maximum security at all times. We offer qualified personnel necessary to take care of the kids at home, villa or on boat.The staff dedicated to caring that we recommend has the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their work with the most diligence.

At all times, the professionalism in the work carried out will be maximum. We want your satisfaction with our service to be the best.

We are here to help you and take care of your kids!

Childcare & Nanny Service in Mallorca

We offer the following childcare & nanny services :

  • Nanny services at home, hotel or on boat
  • Childcare day and night
  • Multi language professional and friendly team

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