Gran Folies


Stunning Cala Llamp is the setting for another amazing beach Club – Gran Folies, a wonderfully private spot set in the rocks with pool, restaurant, sun terrace and the extraordinaries Bali beds.

Both bar and restaurant sit among rocks. We have the opportunity to enjoy such a private atmosphere, with spectacular views over the bay with clear waters that stretch to the horizon. This is the perfect place to spend a whole day away from your daily routine and work.

The club is situated at The Grand Follies which is a natural bay with steep sided cliffs surrounding and embracing the club, giving it a cosy ambience. It is a beautiful setting and is hard to beat if you like the spectacular. The luxury pads set into the cliffs are feats of engineering that have marvelled at the skill of the builders. A dramatic location on the cliff of Cala Llamp, a good restaurant and excellent service make for an appealing beach club experience. Gran Folies Beach Club is only a short distance from Palma, it is about a 30-minute drive.

Credits image Beach Club Gran Folies

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