Marc Fosh

michelin Star Restaurant

Marc Fosh makes use of typical ingredients from balearic cuisine for his cuisine. Temporality and quality are key elements of the proposal. The establishment is located in the surroundings of the Hotel Convent de la Missió, in a 17th century building.

It is somewhat hidden in a narrow street in the historic center but it is really surprising, since its modern facilities are part of the Convent de la Missió hotel, which has successfully recovered a seminar from the s. XVII. In its well-kept interior, with bright spaces with a minimalist atmosphere and a pleasant patio-terrace, we will discover the kitchen of chef Marc Fosh, the first Briton to earn a Michelin Star on Spanish soil. His culinary proposal reconciles flavor, technique and creativity, extolling those seasonal Mediterranean products that made him fall in love when he first visited the island. 

The restaurant offers a good range of tasting menus, resulting in somewhat more elaborate dinners. The chef gets very involved in the room service and talks to the customers, which is unparalleled.

Marc Fosh has earned the Michelin star thanks to a cuisine of great delicacy, very good comfort, the most pleasant establishments. It pays to visit! Their specialities are:  smoked rice with eel, mango and lovage chlorophyll, then mallorcan suckling pig with its cheek, rhubarb, green anise and potato-chive skins and delicious orange blossom and aloe vera cream with berries, hibiscus infusion and strawberry leaves.

Credits image Marc Fosh

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